About Us

Ralph W. Heinzelmann & Yvonne Bettinger

Bongiovi Pasta Sauces, previously available only in the United States, are now coming to Europe.

From the USA to Switzerland and Beyond

During a trip to the US, Ralph discovered Bongiovi pasta sauces and brought one back for us to try. It was a total revelation. The sauce tasted so fresh and natural. It was like no prepared sauce we tried before. And it was healthy, to boot…

To our great dismay, Bongiovi sauces weren’t available in Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe. But our disappointment hardened into resolve as Yvonne decided that we would make it our mission to bring Bongiovi to Europe’s kitchens.

We quickly came to an agreement with the US distributor of Bongiovi pasta sauces. Then we found a manufacturer in Switzerland to make the sauces according to the original recipe. It’s been a dream come true. We are convinced that such a sauce deserves to conquer the European market.

Social Engagement

 JBJ Soul Foundation
 Tischlein Deck Dich

Bongiovi sauces don’t just taste good. They do good. We donate a portion of the sauce we produce to food banks in need.

 Yvonne Bettinger

Yvonne Bettinger

My motto is “Be curious” – about things as well as people. There are so many ideas waiting to be discovered and stories waiting to be told that can make the world a little better. I founded RAYL Group GmbH in 2010 to help make them become a reality.

Since 2010, I have served as a distributor for biologically degradable tote bags, developed an all-in-one cleaning cloth for people and dogs and opened Switzerland’s first gallery for art replicas. After Ralph gave me some Bongiovi pasta sauce to try, I was hooked. I knew that this sauce would bring people together at the dinner table.

 Ralph W. Heinzelmann

Ralph W. Heinzelmann

I was born in New Jersey and have lived in Switzerland since 1998. With years of sales experience under my belt, I joined RAYL Group as its sales director. Like Yvonne, when I am convinced of something, I give it my all. And I’ve been convinced of Bongiovi pasta sauces since I first tried them. That’s why I have been working tirelessly for their success in Europe.