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The temptation of Bongiovi sauce

The Bongiovi family, passionate chefs with a mission, began their culinary journey
decades ago. Their sauce became not only a family secret, but also a symbol of
first-class taste.

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Bongiovi delicacies

The story begins in the picturesque kitchens of Italy, where the foundations of this sauce originated. The
love for tradition and the joy of experimentation flowed into every drop of this special

The whole story

Sicily Since 1890

The roots of bongiovi sauces

The Bongiovi family originally comes from Sciacca in Sicily. The great-grandmother created the recipe there in 1890, which was passed down through generations. So John Bongiovi Sr. passed it on to his sons: Anthony, Matt and Rockstar John. Anthony and Matt have been bottling the sauce since 2011.

100% natural ingredients

the uniqueness in the world of taste

What makes Bongiovi Sauce so unique? It is the harmonious combination of sweet, spicy and savory.
A culinary delight that turns every meal into a culinary experience.

Really Italian

Order delicacies online

You can easily order Italian delicatessen in our online shop. We also offer you a practical subscription model for our sauces. This means you will always have your Bongiovi sauces delivered to your home on time.

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Arrabbiata pork goulash

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Arrabbiata tomato focaccia

Try this fine, Mediterranean tomato focaccia from Bongiovi and feel like you're on vacation. Ingredients : 1 glass of Bongiovi Arrabbiata Sauce 6 ...

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Marinara peppers rice dish

Peppers stuffed with marinara sauce. INGREDIENTS: 1 ½ glass of “Bongiovi Marinara” sauce 2 pointed peppers 1 cup long grain rice ½ yoghurt, fresh...

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