Bongiovi tomato sauce - from the field to the table


This is exactly what the Bongiovi family wants! Sauces from home. More precisely from Sicily. Now we could do justice to the family and move our production facility to Italy - Sicily. There is a very special reason for this. The family recipe from 1890 was already "anno" then stirred in by the grandmother of the great musician Jon Bon Jovi in ​​Sicily. The tomatoes, herbs, spices, etc. were picked directly behind the house. For the Bongiovi Brand Team here in Europe, this is an important part of having the production made in one of the most beautiful workshops in Italy. Where the sun shows more hours than anywhere else.

Tomato sauces from the field to the table

In this Italian tomato sauce, the juicy tomatoes and the best ingredients such as spices, herbs and vegetables come from Italy - Sicily. We only use ripe tomatoes that grow in size until they look red and juicy and are much fruitier than the ones you get in the supermarket can buy. Our favorites are the tomato sauces «Marinara, Dad's Original and the Arrabbiata». Because of their consistency and the thoroughly juicy red color, the sauces deliver an unforgettable, rich aroma.

A little snippet behind the scenes: