Production of Bongiovi tomato sauces

What would pasta, meatballs and co. be without a fruity and spicy tomato sauce? We would say: "Only half as tasty"!

How are the Bongiovi Brand tomato sauces made?

The fruity and spicy sauces from Bongiovi Brand contain only the finest ingredients and are from Italy.

In a special process and with constant stirring, the delicious sauces become an incomparable treat for the palate. Just like with la Mama, the entire preparation takes around 24 hours - this is the only way for all the flavors to develop fully!

The finest herbs and healthy garden vegetables round off the taste. With a lot of dedication and expertise, our team ensures that the high quality of the ingredients and the excellent taste always remain constant. The three flavors that are currently offered are based on the Bongiovis' secret family recipes.

After boiling, the finished sauces are filled into jars and then immediately cooled. You can follow the process in this video.

Our sauces contain no flavorings or preservatives. They are also gluten-free and have a very low sugar content compared to conventional sauces.

Quality & taste are our top priority!