Bongiovi Brand: 7th summit meeting in Dornach

October 2020. My phone rang and I picked up the receiver. "Bongiovi Brand Yvonne Bettinger what can I do for you?" A friendly voice by the name of Barbara asked me if I would be interested in participating in the 7th summit meeting.

Summit meeting aha.. :-) I was like, ok, I'm not Putin or the President of the United States? Why does anyone want me to travel there. We all know the summit meeting of the big and well-known politicians. I definitely don't belong there. I thought so to myself. But of course I listened to what it was all about. " No, no... not to Davos, to Dornach / BL." Meant Barbara.

The summit meeting is a talk & culture meeting of interesting guests from the region. It always takes place in the new theater on a Sunday in Dornach.

The two behind it

Barbara & Aernschd the cultural duo from Reinach are the initiators of this summit meeting.

The preparations

Gipfeltreffen Plakat

Of course, the preparations went a little differently than usual. Because, normally, visitors and regulars who visit the summit meeting on site and can participate as an audience are also invited.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of the current situation, we were not able to get to know each other beforehand. But technology has helped us a little. Barbara said clearly that the 7th summit meeting will also take place without guests like the last 6th meeting, but with the Regio TV Plus via the live stream.

They then made the flyer, hung up the advertisement in tram no. 11 and I made a small video of myself, which was then visible on social networks.

31. January 2021

It was time. Sunday, January 31, 2021. The 7th Summit was about to start.

The invited guests were: Niggi Ulrich, Selina Betge, Yvonne Bettinger and Pyro. All in all, very interesting people and we had a great 90-minute interview and Regio TV Plus was actively involved to bring the conversations a little closer to the guests who unfortunately could not attend this meeting live.

If you want, you can watch the guest interview here:

Yvonne Bettinger, founder of RAYL Group GmbH