Pasta and sauce - an inseparable team

Pasta und Sauce - ein untrennbares Team

In autumn 2019, we got together with the Bongiovi family to find the right pasta for the wonderful sauces. So we went out and visited every imaginable grocery store. The task was anything but easy, after all, the pasta should be as special and healthy as our sauces.

After several attempts, we came across a pasta with the name "Gymnastics" in a larger retail chain. Mmh ... what is that? The package revealed the origin - the "creative place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities" in the Toepferhaus in Aarau. Perfect - exactly what we were looking for! It is very important to us and the Bongiovi family that the pasta is not produced in a large factory, but just as exclusively as our sauces. 

A first appointment at the Toepferhaus in Aarau was quickly agreed, and proved to be a complete success: the management was enthusiastic about the idea, and in no time we had signed a partnership agreement. This means: In the Bongiovi Brand shop you can purchase our pasta, which is made with the best ingredients from Switzerland, and is only available online. Our pasta is handmade, and packed with love.

Would you like to try our pasta? Click here for the product!

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Herstellung der Bongiovi Brand Pasta-Saucen

Production of the Bongiovi Brand Pasta Sauces


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