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*Merry Christmas with Bongiovi*

Limited Edition Bongiovi Christmas Set: "Just enjoy"!

Handcrafted unique pieces

This Christmas gift set from Bongiovi Brand simply belongs in every
Jon Bon Jovi collection!

By hand with attention to detail

Each set is unique and no two are alike.

Set offer with "Marinara or "Arrabbiata"

You choose your set with pasta and sauce.

You get that with it

The unpublished story of the Bongiovi family "4th generation."

limited edition

While supplies last!

Give away a touch of Bongiovi!


“From order to delivery, just great! And most importantly, the pasta sauces are of the highest quality. Simply delicious and anytime again!.”
- Romeo Menna

The story of the 4th generation

"The Bongiovi Brand Pasta Sauce is the heart of the family tradition" says Mr. John Bongiovi Sr. (Short "Mr. B") "It was common to have friends to enjoy pasta and sauces." Are the words of Anthony Bongiovi (pictured right).
You will find out how the true story really was and what Jon Bon Jovi says about it when you order the limited X-Mas gift set in the shop.