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Are you looking for an extraordinary Christmas gift idea? Our limited Christmas set with Bongiovi Brand pasta and pasta sauce will make your eyes sparkle!

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Not only do we produce the one of a kind delicious Bongiovi Brand Pasta Sauces, but now available homemade Bongiovi Brand Pasta!

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The Bongiovi brand sauces are not only suitable for pasta, but can also be used in a variety of different ways in the kitchen. Let yourself be inspired and cook together with your loved ones with the tasty pasta sauces from Bongiovi Brand!

"It's all about the sauce"

The Bongiovi Brand pasta sauces are healthy! Made in Switzerland with 100% natural ingredients. ALL NATURAL | GLUTEN FREE | 100% DELECTABLE

Bongiovi Brand Pasta-Sauces

The Bongiovi Brand Pasta Sauce, was previously was only available in the USA, is now conquering Switzerland and Europe.
The tomato sauces are made according to the traditional family secret recipe dating back to 1890.
Try the delicious pasta sauces from Bongiovi now!

It's all about the Sauce!
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It's all about the Sauce!
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