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Bongiovi Sauce Dad's Original (6er Set) Bongiovi Brand Europe

Bongiovi Sauce Dad's Original

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Marinara Sauce Bongiovi Brand Europe

Bongiovi Marinara Sauce

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Sample set of Bongiovi sauce

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Jon Bon Jovi-Bundle Bongiovi Brand Europe

Jon Bon Jovi set

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Fast & varied

Bongiovi tomato sauces

Whether mild or spicy, Bongiovi's tomato sauces are fully seasoned and taste good cold and warm. They can be combined very well with pasta, pizza, lasagna, vegetables, fish and meat, as a dip or barbecue sauce. Bon Appetito!

Sicilian sun in a glass

At Bongiovi, the Sicilian sun is captured directly in the glass - and you can taste it with every bite. Because at Bongiovi only freshly picked tomatoes come directly from the field into the cooking pot. In Italy, the tomato sauces are lovingly cooked for hours using the secret recipe of the American-Sicilian Bongiovi family. This is how the three varieties “Dads Original”, “Marinara” and “Arrabbiata” are created, which are not only a real culinary delight warm with pasta, lasagna or pizza, but also cold as a dip for chips or grill sauce for meat molto delicioso taste. For an extra kick, we recommend refining them with crème fraîche, ricotta or cream. But no matter what or how you eat your Bongiovi tomato sauce: the taste of sun-ripened tomatoes is sure to put a satisfied smile on your face.

Tomatensauce Bongiovi
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Family tradition since 1890

In Italy, the way to love is through the stomach. That's why every family probably has their own personal secret recipe for tomato sauce. So does the Bongiovi family. The name probably sounds familiar to you and maybe one or two rock classics come to mind. And rightly so, because the family of the famous rock star Jon Bon Jovi is actually behind the delicious tomato sauces. The Bongiovis originally come from Sicily and the recipe was created in 1890 by the rocker's great-grandmother. In 2011, Jon's brothers, Anthony and Matt, decided to share the unique taste with the world and bottle it. Since then, everyone has been able to enjoy Bongiovi tomato sauces. You don't have to be a fan of Jon Bon Jovi's music to do this, although we think you can cook to hits like "You Give Love A Bad Name" and "It's My Life" in a pretty good mood. The tomato sauce and the dish of your choice prepared with it taste even better. Try it out! But even if you're not a fan of Bon Jovi's music, believe us: this tomato sauce will blow your mind!


We offer you the three delicious varieties “Dad’s Original”, “Marinara” and “Arrabbiata” in our online shop. “Dad's Original” tastes particularly hearty and is prepared according to Jon Bon Jovi's father's recipe, “Arrabbiata” brings the necessary spice into your life thanks to its spiciness and “Marinara” is a convincing American variation on the Italian classic, especially if you prefer it that way classic like.

The special thing about the Bongiovi tomato sauces is that they are not only convincing as pasta sauces or on pizza. They also taste particularly delicious cold as a dip or barbecue sauce and go well with vegetables, fish or meat. So let your own imagination run wild and be inspired.

It's not for nothing that the name reminds you of Jon Bon Jovi and his music. Because behind Bongiovi is the rock star's family. Above all, his brothers Anthony and Matt, who began bottling their American-Sicilian family's famous tomato sauce in 2011.

Yes, we offer you this service for 3, 6 or 12 months. This way you can ensure that you always have enough Bongiovi tomato sauce on hand and can enhance your dishes with the taste of freshly picked tomatoes. Before you put the product of your choice in your shopping cart, you can choose between a one-time order or our subscription. How many jars you order is of course up to you and depends on how often and, above all, for how many people you need the tomato sauce.

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